The regulation of female sexuality lies at the core of all patriarchal politics. Regardless of whether we are discussing the wearing of burkas, banning abortion or the demonization of female pleasure.

It ends now. No means no.

I will not allow my body to be exploited for any political agenda.

I am the mistress of my pleasure. I will do with my body as I please, where I please and with whomever I please.

I love my Slovenian boyfriend, whether he is black, yellow, white, red or all the colors of the rainbow.


On the posters between 10 and 20 May 2019.


In poster locations across Ljubljana:

Slovenska cesta – "pri Šestici"

Gosposvetska cesta – "naspr. Leva"

Šubičeva ulica – "Pasaža Maxi"

Borštnikov trg – "Ferent"

Komenskega ulica – "RTV" - "GO"

Železniška postaja – "TIR bar"

Trg OF – "AP Kolodvor"

Metelkova ulica – Muzejska četrt

Šmartinska cesta – "podvoz Zmaj"

Zaloška cesta – "Španski borci"

Dunajska cesta – "Mercator"

Gosarjeva ulica – "FDV"

Dunajska cesta – "Podhod sejem"

Dunajska cesta – "Podhod Delo"

Trg prekomorskih brigad – Kino Šiška

Rožna dolina – "Študentski dom 4"

Poljanska cesta – "podvoz" 5

Pot na Fužine – Zaloška c.

Cesta v Mestni log – "Parkirišče Študentski dom"


And events at the New Post office.

For a detailed schedule during the festival see the Timetable.

About the author

Katarina Stegnar (1976) is an actress, performer, movement artist, researcher, deviser who has been active in Slovenian theatre since 1999. With her creativity she has left a mark particularly in the independent scene – she’s one of the most active collaborators of the platform for research, development and production of contemporary stage art Via Negativa, a member of Betontanc and its spin-off, the Beton Ltd., a collective that has staged a number of successful performances like Ich kann nicht anders and Grosse Erwartungen. She has been collaborating with Glej Theatre, Anton Podbevšek Theatre, SNT Drama Ljubljana, E.P.I. Center, Wax Factory, Ljubljana Dance Theatre, Ex-Ponto, Maska etc., and since 2002 also with the Mladinsko, of which she became a full-time member in 2014. She created several acclaimed roles in films, particularly important were Rascals! (2000) and The Tree (2014). In 2017 she received the Borštnik Award for acting, together with her acting colleagues from the performance The Man Who Watched the World, and in 2016 the Prešeren Fund Award for her roles in the Mladinsko performances (Pavla Above the Precipice, All the Heroes Counted and Rok’s Depth) and the projects on independent scene (Revolting Man Beton Ltd. and Katarina on Demand (with Urška Brodar and Jure Novak)). In 2007 she won the Veljko Maričić Award for the best young actor at the International Small Scenes Festival in Rijeka (Croatia) for the role of Tjaša in Fragile!, and in 2005 the Golden Bird Award.

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