a march

A travelling choreographic action, the marching performance right left, is appropriating the marching, one of the oldest types of organized moving closely tied to the display of military and state power, and transforming it into an artistic act. We are declaring orderly marching an artistic expression and opposing its use meant to spread fear and aggression. Orderly marching belongs to a museum, along with every other way of the stronger abusing the weaker, and the use of force and bullying in interpersonal relationships. right left against intimidation! right left for demilitarization!



Thursday, 16 May 2019, at 18:00 (solo) and Friday, 17 May 2019, at 18:00 (group).



Marching in the pedestrian zone in the Ljubljana city centre.

About the author

choreography studies at the Amsterdam SNDO (AhK) and finished his Master’s degree (programme Solo/Dance/Authorship) at the HZT (UdK) in Berlin. He has also graduated from physical therapy at the Faculty of Medicine (UL) in Ljubljana.       



Jan Rozman is a performer, choreographer, dancer and improviser based in Ljubljana and Berlin. His artistic practice is founded on object-oriented ontology, broadened sense of corporeality, material semiotics, textures, gaps, mistakes and confusion, ecology, fantasy, (science) fiction and humour. His work is directed towards exploration and articulation of performative expressions relevant for post-internet and Anthropocene period. He has studied at the Art High School, Contemporary Dance Department, in Ljubljana, continued with

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